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Any time you disparage another’s attempt to communicate, you show your inability to comprehend any perspective but yours.

With the need to belittle, you give ego free reign to harm others at the cost of your integrity.

By attempting to silence legitimate concerns, you show your lack.

Sarcasm is a tool best left on the shelf behind glass until a true and valid need to emphasize a point comes around. That time and situation is usually once in a blue moon and is deceptively misused. Overuse dulls the blade and is more likely to cut you than your victim.

If you cannot interact with patience, civility, grace and understanding, do not call yourself professional and expect your opinion to hold any weight in society or among your peers.

Do not take another’s learning experience and warp it into a way to harm their self-esteem. It is not all about you.

Some people require different communication techniques than you are comfortable with. Find the best compromise and then stick it out. Saying you will and then refusing to do so forfeits any credibility you had.

Your wit is no sharper than the tongue you use to lash out at others. There reaches a point when those around you will no longer allow you to sharpen it on them. Eventually you will find that your wit has left altogether and only the voices of anger are left in your head.

Think before you speak. Pause before you type. Is it worth the loss of respect and dignity? Does it really gain you what you think? Do you have enough credit on the karmic credit plan to pay for it immediately?

Give consideration before you expect or demand it. Otherwise you are equal to that which you hate most.

Don’t let your guilt create a barrier to apologizing for a mistake. Do not seek to avoid responsibility for decisions that go awry. Own it, fix it, move on. Do not seek to ignore it or it will always come back once again until you resolve it.

Cutting people out of your life should be a last resort, not a first choice. If it becomes necessary, an explanation is just as important for your own mental health otherwise you are simply running away from your issues. Where possible and healthy, reconciliation should always be an option.

If you make the same complaint about many, is it really the many at fault or is the flaw within yourself?

All of this is what is on my mind currently. I am as guilty as anyone of not considering some of this before acting. This will make a good reminder to consider all angles before reacting. It will also, perhaps, guide others as well. Food for thought and maybe we won’t get indigestion as we are forced to swallow that which we shouldn’t have dished out in the first place.


Comments on: "Some thoughts to consider…" (3)

  1. Thanks, Lael. I needed to read this.

  2. I’ve had an ‘interesting’ evening, to say the least. My one-year-old relationship is at a crossroads and I/we need to ponder our next move. Your piece has given me pause for thought.

    Thank you and goodnight ((Lael))

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