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6 Male Love Deities

Rose for Eros
A single letter moved.

Cypress for Anteros
for Love eternally returned.

Hyacinth for Apollo
for Love transformed.

Lavender for Aongas-Og
for Love held in Time’s hand.

Bachelor’s Buttons for Puck
for with Love to attract.

Lotus for Hermes
bearing messages for the heart.

This is the beginning of a recipe for a Love powder.
It is also same-sex male specific. I wouldn’t put
these together if that isn’t what you had in mind…
I am thinking equal parts of each plant material.
This should cover many of the bases when it
comes to love. To attract, to change, to last,
to have it returned, to be heard and to connect.
Yup, that about covers it.
I am thinking that it would go well with a candle
sprinkled in a heart shape around it. Light for an
hour over 6 days.

I’ll research the ladies another day. I can see
a way to work this out for any romantic need.
I happened to start with this because it is where
my interests lie. Fortunately, I found my love
and married him long ago. I can see this powder
used for various purposes: renewal, seeking,
strengthening, enhancing… quite a few

Anteros and Aongas-Og I had to take a bit
of a chance with concerning their herbs
since not a lot is known about them. It made
sense to use what I picked, though perhaps
someone else would choose differently. Given
the research I put into it, I don’t really
recommend shifting the cypress or lavender
if you intend to use this set of deities with
the intentions stated.


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  1. Well, I’ll get around to doing the other ‘flavors’ but I have no idea when. 😀

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