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Where to go from here…

My life has been something of a melodramatic comedy with hints of romance and after school special lurking in the shadowy corners. I suppose this could be said of anyone’s life, really. Still, I look backward with a sense of surreal dementia. So many things have happened in an uneventful life. An ordinary life is a paradox since nothing is ever really ordinary and life is so unique that it is amazing that we can relate to anyone else at all.

I don’t regret any of my choices so far. Not too bad of a position to be in at the midpoint of my life. I find more things to laugh at than to cry over. I have people I care about and those that I am indifferent to without needing to resort to excuses and lies to avoid them. My husband is faithful, my cats are doting and we are still in our own home and not a rental. We both have secure jobs and are reasonably happy in them. I have an adoptive son that I love and a grandbaby that I adore. I am getting along with my relatives for the most part and managing to stay on the edge of the crowd instead stuck in the middle of it.

I have met some amazing people in the course of my work and in my personal life. I have manage to get poetry published in an age when poetry is lowest priority and finished a novel. I am on my second novel and might even make the 1st draft deadline. I know some outstanding artists and writers and other creative people that are humbling in the beauty of their respective crafts. I know some activists that are inspiring in their dedication and some ordinary people that could teach the world a thing or three about real compassion and commitment.

Looking back is always easy, looking ahead is like forecasting the weather… more often wrong and sometimes really off base. I never saw myself where I am now nor with the things I have managed to do. I guess I will continue to ride the wave of life and hope I don’t wipe out before the shore arrives.


Comments on: "Where to go from here…" (2)

  1. Good on ya, Lael. Ride on!

  2. Sandy Lee Bureros said:

    You are awesome kiddo….I just wish I could have been around for you. I think of you often..
    Aunt Sandy

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