LGBT, Gay, Writing, Poetry, Journal, Snark

A Thoughtless World

The world asunder
torn and ravaged
uncaring hearts
still beating yet
though without
compassion’s mercy
eyes blind
with distasteful
frozen righteousness
that leaves scars
Ignoring bleeding wounds
left in their wake
words that cut and mar
young lives forsaken
on the altar
of hate’s demands
Minds warped
by cruel messages
meant to harm
voices hissing
in crowded halls
while fists pummel.
Despair’s birth
is rarely stillborn
when so readily fed
a daily ration
that chokes
hope and tomorrow
administered faithfully
without fail
so that the lesson
can’t be forgotten.
Despite the pain
we do survive
regardless of others
attempts to conquor
we who are different
in one way or another
unable, unwilling
to be other
than that which we are.
Our triumph is life
Our success is love
Our hope is compassion
Our goal is equality
Our time is now.


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