LGBT, Gay, Writing, Poetry, Journal, Snark


How does it better the world
to steal hope from it?
How is that the moral way
when you dim the joy of another?

Why must everyone live in the shadow
cast by fear of another’s love?
Why does one belief, one faith,
demand the exclusion of others?

What causes hate to gain so much power
that it rules over so many long years?
What harm does loving do to you
that will never know my face?

Where do you go for safety
if every hand is against you?
Where do you find love at all
if it must remain hidden?

Who can live a life of meaning
that is contorted by endless lies?
Who can learn to care freely
if it is seen as weakness?

When will we grow up
and allow others the same?
When do we finally get it together
and do the right thing?


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