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I am having trouble trying to understand human nature currently. What is this obsession with focusing on the negative and bringing down others? Why do we tend to get so bitchy over other’s looks, accomplishments, good fortune or simple, plain luck? It is puzzling the hell out of me right now. I see it everywhere I look, both online and off.

It’s not just the bullying. It is taking visceral pleasure in slamming others, that attempt to bring down their happiness by whatever means necessary. It boggles my brain. Are we so selfish and entitled that if it isn’t happening directly for us and our benefit, we must diminish the positive for others? This reaction seems commonplace now. That frightens me.

Whatever happened to taking pleasure in other’s good fortune? How about enjoying that little bit of reflected positive emotion without losing it to jealousy? Maybe I am just too naive for the world as it is. I’d rather help than hinder, share than gorge, comfort than cause more pain. Maybe I am not made for the world as it is now. It makes me wonder.


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