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Such a simple concept. It cuts across religious and cultural barriers. Somehow though, it gets lost in the dogma, in the translation. Do unto others and so forth. Ye without sin, cast the first stone. Judge not, lest ye be judged. It goes on and on and on. Fairly simply, pretty clear, concise and elegant.

Each religion has its variant on those concepts. Every culture has them at their core. Hard to see it these days. Twisty, self-serving layers overshadow the ideals now. I would almost believe that everyone must want to be miserable since they are dead set on making others miserable. Live and let live has fallen to my way or the high way. Do as I say, not as I do is the average in politics. Leadership has come around to controlling others and not expecting those oh so necessary rules to apply to them. Its in the public’s interest. If we shove the negative in their faces, in all its scary horror, they shall follow blindly and give up their thinking. Hide anything positive. Hide responsibility. Keep them fighting each other and they will not question the decisions objectively.

What happened to doing something because you know the result will be positive for someone else? You know, not because you specifically gain from it but because it will give someone else joy? What happened to accepting that sometimes we make a wrong or ill-considered choice and must own it? When did it become about finding someone else to blame? What is this necessity that demands that we further ourselves at the expense of others? How is it logical that rights or the removal of rights should be in the hands of negativity?

Make someone else smile and laugh. You add something to their life.
Hold back a negative comment and save someone’s dignity. It adds to your own.
Take pleasure in the joy of someone else rather than seek to show their supposed folly.
Light the way for a stranger in the dark rather than putting out that light so that they may fall.
Play with a child and keep your own youth. Speak with an elder and expand your own knowledge.
Intervene when you witness a beating, no matter if you think it deserved. Pain only leads to more pain.
Just take time to look beyond the self and care about others.
Live in the present, for the past is unchangeable and tomorrow may not come.
Seek the best solution not the expedient one.
Hold yourself to a higher standard than those around you.
Never let a lie pass your lips and then everything you say will always be the truth.
If you are not sure, then don’t.
Considered action rather than just reacting.
Cast no blame, for if you know about the problem you, own a share in it.
If you must convince someone that is unwilling, perhaps it is yourself that needs to rethink the subject.
There is always more to learn and there will always be another opinion.
Take the time to do it right and then you don’t have to do it over again.

This is how I try to live my life. I fall short a lot. I’ll keep trying though. I still get angry and upset and even mean. Hopefully I will keep improving and adding to the light in the vast darkness. I don’t think that would be a bad epitaph punctuating my life’s eventual end.


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