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On the Edge of Darkness

Anger’s embers ebb then flare,
renewed with fresh fodder
that clings and lingers
beyond its true state.
Heart’s pain constricted,
bound beyond tension’s release
or hope of any true relief.
The remedy sought, oft begged for,
held long out of reach and in sight,
denied so that suffering is compounded.
Indignities heaped on overburdened lives,
each onslaught weighed and measured
for the most particular harm,
decay the spirit and flay the mind
leaving but a shell of wants,
needs and desires entirely unmet.
Round the course it goes,
anger begetting despair,
leaving flawed dogmas to reign in ruin
while joy goes wanting and passion dies
a dream jolted from its bed, unrealized.
Light a candle for youth’s potential,
stunted, clubbed into submission,
pressured to out dated standards.
Find the spark of good,
left to ignite or whither,
in the encroaching storm,
on the edge of true darkness.


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