LGBT, Gay, Writing, Poetry, Journal, Snark

Eros lives within
the mind’s inner sanctum,
fantasies that shiver the body;
waves of sensation that
remain totally hidden.

Far within, away from public view,
ideas take shape, longings that arouse.
The perfect ideal of what desire embodies
that titillates, excites, causes the mind
to endlessly speculate.

Human longing seeks the borders
of all that is known, at the edge
of comfort and often far beyond.
The taboo can become exotic
and the ordinary may become new
when allowed to roam free
within those hallowed halls
of sexuality’s mysteries.

Time can become suspended
as the senses become ensnared.
Thoughts tumble in chaos
visions may dance naked
entrancing in the forbidden.

Curiosity lingers over details
the mind spins out
in ever expanding ripples
variety of possibilities never end
as sensuality blossoms.

(this is just to save the words so I don’t lose them. Not really finished.)


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