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My eyes follow you
safely at a distance
admiring your form,
the smile, the laugh.
Everyone knows you
or at least they
think they do.
Always taking time
to see how people are,
caring, genuine, real.

It shocked me to the core
when once our eyes met
The pain behind the deep blue
held at bay by a joke
misdirection at its finest.
No one seems to notice it
within the whirl of your circle,
to them, you are happy.

I hope I find the courage
to ask you what is wrong,
before you turn all inward
behind mental fortress walls.
It would be beyond belief
should it turn out
that you are really just like me.
Too many would think it wrong
a taboo that must not be
just because we share a gender.
Still, even if we never happen
a friendship is worth the risk
in case I am wrong and you
are not what I think.
Even if our pain is different
and I am not your match.,
your pain needs something more
than silence in the crowd’s midst.

Don’t take offense as I share my pain
and then ask what is yours;
since pain shared is pain reduced.
My heart is yours and true,
from that first moment when
I saw your sadness hidden.
Take my hand in yours
and walk with me a mile
and see where it takes us;
hopefully to a better tomorrow.


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