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What is Public Decency?

I wonder at people’s obsessiveness with words, imagery and concepts. What is vulgar? I mean honestly, what is it? If I understand correctly, for something to be vulgar, it must be crude and lewd. It must go for the low brow and slug you in the gut as something that might be better left unsaid or at the least, upgraded a bit. It is considered offensive to the average person. Often it will be cursing or graphic description of some act that is held to be not suitable for public exposure.

Yes, there are things I would rather bypass and not get exposed to at all. Fortunately, that is easily managed. Simply do not view or read that which you find distasteful. I can assure you without hesitation that bestiality is not on my reading list nor something I desire to view in another medium. Nope, it is not. Sex involving prepubescent children is also not on my list of approved or ok subject matters that I will give my attention to. Anyway, the point is that with this wide world of ours, there will be every concept imaginable floating around. Some of it is sewage and some of it is sparkling champagne. Either way, somewhere, sometime, there are people that hold a different opinion on it than mine.

I can see, in theory, the value of any concept. When we censor content specifically because the majority have deemed a thing as vulgar, we may be on the edge of losing something important. Some concepts are better left in the realm of theory and not application. Such an example would be that sex with minors things. Actually employing minors in an image is justifiably wrong. Too likely to be exploitive and harmful to the participate. Now, remove the visual media and we are left with words. Stories, poetry, songs. Is it the same to express those ‘vulgar’ concepts in words versus a visual media? I simply can’t decide. Part of me says hell yes it is still wrong. Another part of me thinks that it is potentially the safest outlet for these concepts as no one is in reality harmed in the real world. Yet another part of my decries the censorship.

Bringing this around to me, which naturally is the whole point of posting blogs, I wonder about my own writing. The subconscious can sometimes throw up ideas, concepts and imagery that leaves a body stunned. Where and why on earth would such a thing be simmering down there, out of sight and beneath the light of conscious day. Is it better to repress those concepts or to give them expression, to excise them by giving them their moment of attention and then moving on? Should we suppress ourselves in our writing expression or should we seek to shine spotlights into those murky depths and reveal what lies below? I have no doubts, of any kind, that I could shock and sicken people. Fairly easily, actually. Those rare glimpses that I speak of, I have seen their shadows against a wall, spreading along a floor and flitting around a corner in escape.

What brought this on? Thinking about my erotica and knowing that a good many people would rather it never be written. Knowing that there are plenty who would rather that, if it must be written, that it never be released for the perusal of others. Should it be released, then access should be contained and limited. After all, most people are unable to read such things without it unsettling their reason and giving them unsavory illicit ideas. Protect the children! Thus, even should said ‘child’ have the actual maturity and capacity to handle such a thing, they must be deemed unfit to make that choice for themselves until they catch up in mere physical age to that of their gifted minds.

Yes, another rambling rant without a true point nor purpose. Just excising some things that I would rather hope become discussions, rather than simple distraction rattling around in my mind, taking up space on the cerebral hard drive that could be better used elsewhere. Feel free to comment.


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