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Time is Too Short

“Time is Too Short”

Only so many breaths to take
Only so many beats a heart has to beat
Perhaps a century of seasons
Winter to Spring, Summer to Fall
Only so many full moons to see
Only so many rising stars to view
How can we live in hate and fear
With so little time actually our own?

Why do we dwell on the negative
Nursing it, feeding it, allowing it to grow?
What possible reason is there, at all,
For throwing away something so precious
As the life we have to live, here and now?

Hate flourishes and spreads
Given life out of ignorance
Fostered and nurtured beyond bearing
Forgiveness is horded, locked away
Grudgingly given, if at all,
Trapped within blindness to all else
Love denied for the sake of false belief
All that should be held dear as life itself
Shunned and turned away from
Ego and self-righteousness command
That all must give way before it
Despite the value of differences

No thought or time is given
To the sight of sun on desert sand
To the dropping of raindrops from forest leaves
To the wind through the grassy plains
To the roiling waves on the coastal shores
To the living green wetness of the swamplands
To the thin crisp air of the mountain peaks
To the wave lapped pebbles of the lakes
To the shimmering light of river currents at noon
To the fall of moonlight everywhere
To the rosy pink of morning’s dawn
To the violet streamers of sun’s setting
To the flight of birds in formation
To the calls of crickets in the night
To the beauty of body’s form, in all things
To the patter of rain’s fall
To the whisper of wind through the trees
To lightning’s thunder within the storm
To whispered words read aloud in joy
To song sung for simple pleasure
To laughter from innocent delight
To the sharing of a plain good meal
To all that the world has to give and share

Again, no time or thought is spared
For these gifts of creation or their destruction
Nor realization that time is precious
For we have so little of it within this world
That we can squander it without care
And unflinchingly take it from any other


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