LGBT, Gay, Writing, Poetry, Journal, Snark

Your words cut and bite
Intended to crush spirits
And maim minds still tender.
Your fists ball
Prepared to strike and rend;
Anything to show your hate.
All intended to silence me,
To force me to submit,
To change, to be other
Than I obviously am.

I won’t break nor bend
Despite your best efforts
To make it so.
I won’t let my joy whither
Blasted by your hatred.
I am as I’ve ever been,
I’ve weathered worse
Than you could ever deliver
Long before you came
Into my day.

I still recognize love,
Mine for another
And those for me.
My family is unwavering
Accepting me as I am.
Nothing you can do
Will change that simple fact
I am surrounded by a world
Of marvelous people
Able to be themselves
And let me do the same.

My spirit is unbroken,
My body will recover,
Even should you manage
Somehow to bring about
My untimely death,
My presence in this world
Will still remain, unchanged.
Your attempt to intimidate
Has truly, spectacularly failed,
As it must.

Silence is consent.
Silence is condoning.
Silence is acceptance.
Silence is agreement.
Silence is what you want.

Know that I will
Always speak out.
I will quietly confront
Your injustice and hatred.
That despite the fear you project,
I won’t take it as my own.
I hope someday you will see
No one forces anything
To change, to conform,
Without losing sight of
The value of differences
Brought into the world
That make it better.


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