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Beware Inaction

Twilight embers flare fitfully
Dull orange glow
that casts wavering shadows
the doubts that haunt
springing full born
from insomnia and self-loathing

Seconds tick by
adding up to a mismanaged life
where chances squandered
lie in heaps upon the doorstep
and the window curtains drawn tight.
Heads shake vehemently in denial
that those choices mattered
left still born and unwanted.

Storms come and go
mere shifting of mercury
within the glass,
energetic bursts of true feeling
though they can never last.
Apathy like entropy
simply grows with enough time
and neglect of anything
remotely bearing a laugh.

Too short the seasons
a body has upon the Earth,
each choice nerve wracking
leaving self-esteem in tatters.
With all the possibilities
that surround each action,
to take none seems the worst
as it leaves no trace
that once a life here existed.

Our best efforts
to block the stream of time
come to naught
since it simply flows around us
keeping to its merry track.
Resist all you like
as the embers of your soul cool
for by your past inaction
there is nothing left that matters.


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