LGBT, Gay, Writing, Poetry, Journal, Snark

Sometimes, We Learn.

New thoughts, new horizons
The opening of the mind
to new experiences
long held at bay
rather than explored
and brought into the light
of a full moon’s face.

New levels of caring
that open the way
for possible healing
mutual washing away
of past gone so wrong
that it is forever
lurking in shadows, waiting
for unguarded moments
to spring forth yet again.

Sometimes there comes another
that shines so very brightly
that the shadows cannot exist
and are gone despite our efforts
to cling hard to them
because we’ve had them so long
that they are all we know.

That light washes us clean
healing twisted scars
that deform our thoughts,
our love, our self-image
into shapes we just know
in our roiling guts
that no one could ever
really, truly, honestly
love us for all our flaws.

Sometimes, we learn.
It may come in a flash
or after many long years,
but learn we can
that we are fine,
we are worthy
we are better
than we ever thought
or even dreamed,
when shown in the light
of another’s love.


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