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“The White Fox Clan”

To all Two-Spirits who do not know their purpose in Creation.

We are Two-Spirits,
We are the Keepers of the Spark of Life,
We are the balance-point, on which life depends,
We care for the children in their beginnings,
We care for the elders in their ending,
We help the infertile to conceive,
We help the overly fertile to stop bearing,
We mediate between the sexes,
We nurture all creative forces,
We care about the one,
We care about the all,
We foster change,
We guard tradition,
We do our work through necessity,
We play through opportunity,
We are the clowns, heyohka,
We are the teachers, wise ones,
We are the healers of any ill,
We are the bearers of luck,
We are the namers of names,
We are the challengers of wrongs,
We are the Dreamers of Visions,
We are the counselors of the heart sick,
We are the finders of things lost,
We are the Keepers of secrets,
We are of the northern artic fox clan,
We are the Rainbow Nation,
We are Two-Spirits.

“As told to me many years ago by Carl Star Catcher, retold here in my own words. This is our purpose in the world, as decreed by Creator, for the good of the people.” Lightning (aka Lael)


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