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Hark! Is That a Deadline?

Well, now the pressure is truly beginning. That juggling act where I get 2 projects ready for back-to-back publication is starting to make me nervous. I’ve made progress on both, but it still feels like dog paddling in the shallows when I need to be breast-stroking across the English Channel. Nothing is quite where I want it or I don’t know where it is at all.

Graham’s Tale might make it to the finish line, on time and perhaps even semi-readable. The 2 covers, for print and e-pub, are completed. That is a huge relief. I was starting to sweat on that. Both artist came through with wonderful pieces and on the same day even. Nice!

The first 4 chapters for Graham’s Tale may finally have resolution. Hack, slash, maul and maim it down to 1 chapter and assorted body parts. Those parts that are transplantable shall receive new homes in later chapters as appropriate. The rest gets tossed on the mismatched limbs and burn-only pile of debris. All  that anxiety on making those first chapters work: pointless. Heh, talk about stressing myself out needlessly!

The Anthology is looking like I will make that deadline also. It is due the month following Graham’s Tale. Editing is an odd business. The order of things becomes important. The shifting of tones and emotions has to be balanced with other factors. So many details to keep track of and make sure they are completed. Just think, I have to pull four different bunnies out of the same hat! The first one will actually be the easiest. It’s the other three that have me worried.

I guess this is good practice for learning how to be a writer and editor.  I am simply amazed at how much effort goes into bringing a book into existence. Especially when you think you are just organizing other people’s writing. It’s worth it… I think, will get back to you on that one.