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The Great Juggling Act of 2010

Being in the early stages of a writing career is stressful. Well, duh!

There is the cliched adage about working at a paying job while writing and working on getting published. True, not denying that. Bills must be paid, food bought, kitty litter provided, house payment made… they don’t just magically take care of themselves as you click away on the keyboard. It does distract though. Hard to keep creative juices flowing when exhausted and even harder when your work drains some of that creativity off for its own purposes.

Still, I won’t give in. I will prevail. So, I am editing an anthology. Bring it on. I’ll create lists to keep me on track. Contracts, actual editing, foreword, afterword, back cover text, cover art, hounding contributors, putting together the manuscript; ┬ájust part of the list so far. Then do it three more times to complete the series. Then hunt up international contributors for the following year’s editions. Piece of cake!

Let’s not forget the novel. Another rewrite might be necessary. Plus getting the cover art completed. Then there is the galley. The rewrite still scares me. The damn beginning of the book has me near tears. I just can’t get it to meld seamlessly with the rest. It is driving me insane. Again, I won’t give up. May is around the corner and I don’t want to push back the publication date again. No. I refuse. It must be done on schedule, at least from my end.

The thing is, my money job is changing on me. I enjoyed my position as an HIV test counselor. I am good at it. People can’t help but tell me about themselves and what they do. Then I am able to help them do things differently. No, now my job is changing due to funding issues. Now my dream job that I could see myself doing for 20 more years has evolved into my worst nightmare. Now I will be doing interview type things with those already positive to get them to give up the names of sexual partners so we can go to them and get them to test. Argh!

Now add my health issues. Things are getting tricky. I need to learn to juggle greased objects and not drop any of them. Between the writing, job and health, my stress levels are reaching critical levels. This makes my health do interesting things that involve a lot of flinching and penguin walking because my legs are barely working properly. Oh well. Let us not forget the four to six hours sleep pattern. So, general fatigue to match.

I will win. I will survive. I will succeed. I will finish my goals. I will keep my marriage intact. I will keep my job. I will make it all work out.